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Services We Offer

Business Meeting

Retirement Planning

Social Security Optimization

Retirement Income Planning

Pension Review

Retirement Income Gap Analysis

Roth Conversion Strategies

Estate Planning

Trust and Wills

Family Planning

Estate Settlement

Beneficiary Review and Planning

Probate Avoidance


401(k) Review

Volatility Tolerance Analysis

Investment Analysis

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Investment Fee Analysis


Life Insurance Audit

Long Term Health Care Planning Strategies

Personal Liability Review


Tax Mapping

Tax Strategies

Tax Review

Additional Services

Legal Document Review

Investment Risk Pyramid

Personalized Money Mindset Analysis

Corporate Options

We do benefits differently.  We get to know your culture and where you want to take your company.  We get to know your budgets and financial forecasting. We look at existing competitors and see what their benefits are and help clients to see if their current offering is competitive. Below are traditional benefits. There are also ancillary benefits such as working from home, paid days off, free food etc.. 


After gathering all data, we then design an individualized plan with the purpose of helping the organization hit its goals. Some of the goals could be centered around financials, retention, recruiting and more.


We do all Benefits: 





Pension Plans 

(Company retirement plans) 

Stock Option Plans 

Profit Sharing Plans 

Health Insurance 

Long Term Disability 

Short Term Disability 

Group Health Insurance

Group Life Insurance 

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